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«Berlin. Photographs by Stefan Dauth»

Anyone familiar with the long and tumultuous history of Berlin and also those who have read about the changes wrought by the end of the Cold War, will find Stefan Dauth’s photographic portrait an invaluable guide to this city on the cutting-edge. By concentrating on new perspectives of Berlin’s most familiar sights, Dauth draws attention to the transformation of a city only recently reunited and re-born as Germany’s capital. His stark black and white images reveal the clash of old and new; the Berliner Dome with construction cranes in the background, the Potsdamer Platz, the remains of the Berlin Wall, and the modern bustle of the Kurfuerstendamm built around a memorial church. «Today’s professional photography is missing a touch of reality. I work with a city just as it exists in front of our eyes. It’s a personal view of changes in Berlin, its people and locations,» writes Dauth. 120 b/w photographs.


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